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[Mingw-msys] Re: Re: Description of MSYS in forthcoming C++ Cookbook, by O'Reilly



I am facing problems with my compilations. Due to unforeseen issues with my compiler in Unix and I am forced to compile my embedded projects in Windows. I am using the msys environment since lots of my make file contains the sh scripts. I am able to successfully change the environment to msys. I am facing a problem where in my .c source files are not able to find the header files which are located in the other directories.


In some location in .c source files we have definitions such as #include “dir/header.h”


Due to this when msys tries to find the file, it jumbles up the path and complains that it is not able to fetch the corresponding header file. Hence the compilation fails.


Is there any way I can control the Path conversion. I tried to get the info from the mailing list but couldn’t find any. I want the msys to disable the path conversion and use only the pure Unix based path. Or there is any other way I can do this.


Your inputs will help to great extend.


With Regards,


Rajneesh V

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