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RE: [Mingw-msys] msys appending Win32 path to hyphen

Caleb Cushing wrote:
> I got it built...


> now I'm trying to understand the output of everything...
> basically everything get's output to store? what's the purpose of var,
> pkg, and noarch?

Everything gets output to store/pkg. The job of the msysrls.sh script is
to take the important bits and discard the rest, creating a binary
package of the result.

The files in store/var contain the list of files to be copied, and the
noarch directory contain some extra files to be copied as well. The
selected files are assembled in depot/binary/msysCORE/1.0, forming the
directory tree of MSYS. This directory is then packed into a binary
tarball which is ready to be distributed.


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