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Re: [Mingw-msys] Path transformation


I am working on a build system that is meant to work on Linux and
Windows.  We use MSYS for the windows side of things - we use bash and
coretools but our make is the mingw make because we had problems with
stackdumps from the msys one in the distant past.

We have been putting it all through some pretty heavy duty tests
including 70 3-hour builds over the last couple of weeks.

These builds tend to be parallel - 16 tasks running concurrently on an
8 core win2k machine.

One of the many problems that we have seen is commands that fail to
execute either because:

1) They cannot be found on the path
2) They use the TMP or TEMP variables which turn out to have
nonsensical contents.

These problems are very hard to reproduce and happen randomly
throughout our build.

We have found ways of working around the problem (using full paths for
executables and forcing TMP to be a certain value).  It's still
bothersome and we'd like to solve it.

I'm posting this in case anyone has ever come across these problems
and in case anyone ever does - they'll know they weren't alone.


Tim Murphy

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