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[Mingw-msys] Re: MSYS without installer

Keith Marshall wrote:
> Please DO NOT post in HTML; I'll make an exception just once, but 
> henceforth I will delete such messages, unread.
I apologize for violating protocol.

Thank you for your patience.

I agree that Linux is a superior development environment, but I am just 
getting started and I am simply not comfortable working at the *nix 
shell command line after many years of doing everything through GUIs on 
Windows.  I haven't worked with a make file in almost 10 years!  I 
really did not want to have to understand all of the arcana of the 
installation process, so I simply took the first set of instructions 
that I came to and tried to execute them.  It is not my fault if those 
instructions are the wrong instructions and do not actually work.  I 
have been spoiled by applications that come with a GUI installation 
program.  Your advice to follow the *nix procedure was successful.  
Thank you.

Jim Cobban   jcobban@xxxxxxxx
34 Palomino Dr.
Kanata, ON, CANADA
K2M 1M1

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