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Re: [Mingw-msys] Strange path transformation with Emacs

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On Saturday 30 August 2008 21:42:56 Jim Cobban wrote:
>>   $ mkdir -p ~/build/wxWidgets-2.8.8/msw
>>   $ cd !$
>>   $ ../../../src/wxWidgets-2.8.8/configure --prefix=$HOME/mingw32 \
>>       --build=i686-pc-linux --host=mingw32 --with-msw
>>   $ make
>>   $ make install
>> This worked flawlessly, for me.  In your case, you can omit the
>> build and host specs, (because you are using a natively-hosted
>> compiler, where I have a cross-compiler), and use --prefix=/mingw,
>> (because that is where your MinGW-GCC will eventually look for the
>> installed headers and libraries*).
>  I am sorry, I understand the meaning of each individual command
> that you suggest issuing, but I don't understand why you are
> issuing them.

The first two, simply because I prefer to keep my source and build 
trees completely isolated.

> The second command only works under Linux of course.

Not at all; it works just the same with bash in MSYS or Cygwin, (or 
indeed, on any platform where bash is run -- in fact, it is C-shell 
shorthand, which bash has adopted).

> But I am not trying to install wxWidgets under Linux.

No.  You are using MSYS as a GNU/Linux-alike environment on Windows.

> I will do that too ... later.  The whole point of the exercise is to
> run the final programs under Windows.  I admit that it would
> probably be easier to develop the application on Linux and just
> port it to Mingw at the last moment,

I am developing on GNU/Linux, for deployment on MS-Windows.  Thus, my 
third command is `configure' for a cross-compiler, which will compile 
directly to MS-Windows binary code, even though the compiler itself 
is run on my GNU/Linux box.  The equivalent command, for native use 
of MinGW from MSYS is

  ../../../src/wxWidgets-2.8.8/configure --prefix=/mingw --with-msw

and the remaining two commands are the same for both cases; all 
together we have the conventional *nix build paradigm.

> which appears to be at the 
> heart of your suggestion, but I am just not comfortable enough yet
> doing development under Linux, and the database the application is
> intended to work on is being created by a 3rd party Windows app,
> which I have not yet been able to get to work effectively under
> Linux.  If I can do the development using Mingw on Windows I can
> save having to reboot my computer to switch over to Linux.

I don't have MS-Windows on my box, at all.  I work exclusively in 
GNU/Linux, cross-compiling MS-Windows binaries, which I test using 
Wine.  Practically all of my code is cross-platform from the outset.


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