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Re: [Mingw-msys] Strange path transformation with Emacs

On 2008-08-30 20:42Z, Jim Cobban wrote:
> Keith Marshall wrote:
>> This looks like you are using an MSYS + MinGW build environment, but 
>> are trying to follow the MSVC build procedure; that isn't likely to 
>> work.  With MSYS + MinGW, you should use the *nix build method.

Yes, I find that simpler and more robust. An important advantage is
that '--enable' options generally work from one version to the next,
so you don't have to edit 'wx/msw/setup.h' every time you upgrade.

> The instructions for the build explicitly say to NOT use the *nix build method.

| Both Cygwin and MinGW can be used with configure (assuming you have MSYS
| installed in case of MinGW).

> Specifically the install.txt file says:
> NOTE: The makefile.gcc makefiles are for compilation under MinGW using
>       Windows command interpreter (command.com/cmd.exe), they won't work in
>       other environments (such as UNIX or Unix-like, e.g. MSYS where you have
>       to use configure instead, see the section below)


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