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Re: [Mingw-msys] Strange path transformation with Emacs

On Friday 29 August 2008 18:12:30 Jim Cobban wrote:
> Specifically I am trying to install wxWidgets using gcc and the
> commands that I issue are:
> cd /c/wxWidgets-2.8.8/build/msw
> make -f makefile.gcc BUILD=debug

This looks like you are using an MSYS + MinGW build environment, but 
are trying to follow the MSVC build procedure; that isn't likely to 
work.  With MSYS + MinGW, you should use the *nix build method.

Here's what I did, (GNU/Linux + MinGW):

  $ mkdir -p ~/build/wxWidgets-2.8.8/msw
  $ cd !$
  $ ../../../src/wxWidgets-2.8.8/configure --prefix=$HOME/mingw32 \
      --build=i686-pc-linux --host=mingw32 --with-msw
  $ make
  $ make install

This worked flawlessly, for me.  In your case, you can omit the build 
and host specs, (because you are using a natively-hosted compiler, 
where I have a cross-compiler), and use --prefix=/mingw, (because 
that is where your MinGW-GCC will eventually look for the installed 
headers and libraries*).

> I am puzzled that the install created two separate directories on
> my hard drive:  Msys/1.0 and MinGW.

This is correct.  In particular, if you are using an MSYS version 
prior to MSYS-1.0.11, then the two *must* be kept separate, and for 
later MSYS, it is still recommended to adopt this practice.

> I tried pointing my PATH 
> explicitly to C:\MinGW\bin, but that did not change the behavior.

It should already be there, as /mingw/bin;  MSYS maps this through its 
fstab, (/etc/fstab), to the native path for C:/MinGW/bin.


[*] One issue I did note: the make install put the wxDLLs in the wrong 
path; it put them in $prefix/lib, where they should be in $prefix/bin

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