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Re: [Mingw-msys] Strange path transformation with Emacs

On Friday 29 August 2008 19:02:26 Carlos-2 wrote:
> I tried to mount /usr on E:/Msys/usr to no avail. Looks like /usr
> is permanently assigned and cannot be reassigned.

This is correct, and intentional.  There are sound technical reasons 
for keeping it this way.

> So, i made a copy of E:/MSys/usr/local

You should never have had any such directory, in the first place.  To 
create it, you have presumably used some unsupported Windows archive 
tool to unpack MSYS tarballs.  You should not do that; use the MSYS 
tar command to install or update MSYS components.

> under E:/MSys/local,

This the correct native path for /usr/local, in a standard MSYS 

> and all the "not found" commands becamed usable.
> (Because /usr is synonym of E:/Msys) 

As one might expect.

> How can we fix the /usr mount point ?

Why try to "fix" what isn't broken?  Fix your installation instead.  
You have already moved the /usr/local tree to its proper location.  
You may

  $ rm -rf /usr/usr

to get rid of the improperly installed copy.  Now use MSYS tar to 
manage and update your system.


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