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Re: [Mingw-msys] Handling of exceptions in MinGW

On Monday 25 August 2008 05:50:12 JonY wrote:
> Applications compiled for MSYS will only work under MSYS.

Applications compiled for MSYS should be considered as part of MSYS 
itself; only those who participate in MSYS development should ever 
need to create such applications.

> > Now, i am grateful for your work, but it is still not clear to me
> > how to install MSYS without asking here.
> The steps are as follows:
> 1. Use the MSYS setup exe to install MSYS
> 2. Install MsysDTK (Optional)
> 3. Install updated MSYS tools (recommended)

This is as far as the vast majority of users should ever need to go.

> 4. Install MSYS system builder.

This step is only necessary for those who would like to participate in 
the project, as developers of MSYS itself; if you find yourself using 
the MSYS System Builder tools for any other purpose, then you should 
seriously consider using Cygwin instead.  The MSYS System Builder is 
not intended for such use; we do not tout it as an alternative to 
Cygwin, (from which it is derived anyway, but it is a derivative of 
an ancient Cygwin version).


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