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[Mingw-msys] Handling of exceptions in MinGW

Carlos-3 wrote:
>> I specifically wrote to install to /mingw because it avoids the huge
>> mess when/if you do install MSYS versions of autotools (MSYS versions
>> being that they should only be used internally with MSYS, never with
>> MinGW) for msysdvlpr.
> Thanks, that helps.
> I have another question:
> Sourceforge, display 3 (or 4) sections of downloadables files or MSYS.
> 1. Msys base
> 2. Msys supplementary tools
>     2.1 Msys-dtk
> 3. Msys system builder.
> Let's say i download every thing.
> How do i install Msys tools + Msys dtk ?
> How do i install Msys system builder ?
> Some program (like autoconf) exist in many versions.
> Is it ok to say, that , as a general rule, i simply untar/unzip any
> package containing the word MSYS in it's name, in the c:/Msys/1.0
> directory to be safe ?

Use the tar program that came with MSYS, avoid WinZip or other Windows 
based untar utilities. Unpack the MSYS packages to "/".

Having MSYS system builder installed comes with several caveats, one 
being the MSYS targeting MSYS must not interfere or used when under 
MinGW mode. Make sure the libs meant for MSYS is not found when under 
MinGW mode, vice versa when under MSYS mode.

Applications compiled for MSYS will only work under MSYS.

> Now, i am grateful for your work, but it is still not clear to me how to
> install MSYS without asking here.

The steps are as follows:

1. Use the MSYS setup exe to install MSYS
2. Install MsysDTK (Optional)
3. Install updated MSYS tools (recommended)
4. Install MSYS system builder.

> And then, there is still another project who produce still another version
> of
> autoconf: GnuWin32.

GnuWin32 is a separate project, most GnuWin32 tools can be used under 
MinGW. I've never used the GnuWin32 autoconf, so I can't say if it works 
or not.

> If that may help you, i can write a small document containing all the
> questions i
> have. Those are the questions for "not exactly a newbe" but "not exactly a
> pro"
> Mingw type of user.
Sure, you can suggest improvements for the MSYS wiki page too.

> Thanks

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