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Re: [Mingw-msys] CVS: msys/packages/rxvt/2.7.2

another carlos wrote:
> Hi!,
> The instructions given to install Msys are confusing.
> ==>  The page: http://www.mingw.org/wiki/msys says:
>> These instructions were based on the Enlightenment Wiki.
>> If they are out of date, you may find updated ones there.
> Then, it is told to install autoconf, automak and libtool
> with:
>      ./configure --prefix=/mingw&&  make&&  make install
> ==>  Does it means, they will be installed under /mingw ?
> If yes, why does the Enlightenment Wiki specifically indicate
> to not install them in /mingw or /usr ?
> And does it make any differences if i install msys-dtk or not ?
> Would you please give me some more explanations.
> Thanks

I specifically wrote to install to /mingw because it avoids the huge 
mess when/if you do install MSYS versions of autotools (MSYS versions 
being that they should only be used internally with MSYS, never with 
MinGW) for msysdvlpr.

gcc for msysdvlpr is hard-coded to search /usr and /usr/local for 
libraries. Libraries for MSYS and MinGW should not clobber each other, 
they use different C runtimes.

Installing to /mingw also allows MinGW gcc and other 3rd party tools to 
pick up the headers and libraries automatically.

msys-dtk is optional, but it gives you perl, m4, cvs and etc.

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