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Re: [Mingw-msys] Info when installing MinGW-4.1.0.exe

marroh wrote:
> JonY-3 wrote:
>> marroh wrote:
>>> Hello
>>> First sorry for my simple english. It is not my native language ;)
>>> I have try to compile the newest version of cdrtools
>>> (cdrtools-2.01.01a45.tar.bz2) with the mingw compiler. But i can makk
>>> whatever i want... i only get errors and i don't have any idee how i can
>>> make it working.
>>> Can anyone compile it for me? I'm not a C programmer and give up now :(
>>> I need the mingw win32 binarys of the cdrtools from version 2.01.01a45. I
>>> know there are older versions available, but i need the newest. Please
>>> help
>>> me!
>> Hi,
>> cdrtools does use features which are not present in MinGW. In fact the
>> easiest (and most painless) way to run it on Windows is to use the
>> Cygwin version.
>> Cygwin Binaries here:
>> <http://smithii.com/cdrtools>
> Hi
> First thank you for the fast answehre. But on the same page it's will still
> exists a mingw win32 version of cdrtools:
> A Win32 version (via MingW) that does not rely on cygwin1.dll is available
> at http://cdrtools.bootcd.ru/ (currently not available, so download from
> here).
> My question: It's only the version v2.01.01a45 there can not be compiled
> with mingw or why there exists a win32 mingw of cdrtools (v2.01a18) ?
> The Cygwin version is a pain because it's uses huge runtime-librarys and i
> will make my freeware-paket as small possible. Is there no way???
> Regards
> Martin

Sorry, I didn't see that. I just took a look at the code too, looks like 
it depends on some unix code, particularly pwd.h, grp.h and poll.h with 
some references to /dev/dsp.

Without knowing what was changed for it to build under MinGW, you have 
some porting ahead if you really want a MinGW version.

Please ignore if duplicate, my network is acting up.

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