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Re: [Mingw-msys] Bison [WAS: Reconstruction of MSYS-1.0.11 test results.]

Ardi a écrit :
> I would like to use Mr.Kleber's script that "hold an existing MiKTeX 
> installation up-to-date."
> Unfortunately I got in msys the following error after the command sh 
> miktex_update:

> miktex_update: getopt: command not found


Unless someone does it for you, you have two solution:
   - compile getopt: grab the linux-util sources from 
ftp://ftp.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/util-linux/ and try to compile the 
getopt program. I did give it a quick try and got an error at link:
getopt.o:getopt.c:(.text+0x25e): undefined reference to `getopt_long_only'
You can just comment out the "_only" at the offending line. You won't be 
able to have long option only but it should be fine for your need.
If you want the binary I have made, email me. I give no guarantee about 
it working on your computer :).

   - Change the script in order to use getopts instead of getopt but 
then you won't be able to use the long options.


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