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Re: [Mingw-msys] Reconstruction of MSYS-1.0.11 test results.

Anderson Wiese wrote:
> Hello All,
> Just beginning an effort to port a project from OS-X & Linux to XP 
> +MinGW+Eclipse.
> I installed MSYS-1.0.10, and I can't find bash anywhere. Is that to be  
> expected?

The MSYS shell, sh.exe, is bash.

> The only isolated bash download I can find is bash-3.1- 
> MSYS-1.0.11-1.tar.bz2. Can I install this and expect it to work?
> If I need to upgrade MSYS to have bash, what do I have to download  
> from the 1.0.11 tree to do this, everything?

You're already running bash

    sh --version

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