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[Mingw-msys] chown?

On Friday 04 April 2008 18:14, Ryan Rosario wrote:
> I have a student that is trying to use GRASS via MSYS. He has Windows
> XP. When he tries to load the GRASS shell, a black box appears with a
> cursor, but no command prompt.

I've no idea what GRASS is, but this sounds like a manifestation of the 
broken pty emulation in the MSYS implementation of RXVT; is your 
student using rxvt.exe to provide the MSYS console?  If so, try 
removing rxvt.exe from the MSYS /bin directory, and run in a native 
Win32 console window.

> When he attempts to run GRASS, anything that requires the command
> prompt causes GRASS to hang.

More likely, it is just waiting for user input, the prompt having been 
written to stdout, but buffered in the pipe used to emulate the pty, 
and therefore not flushed to the display.

> Has anybody experienced MSYS not loading a command prompt?

No, but I have been plagued by the broken behaviour of RXVT, so I just 
don't use it, ever.

> Any ideas on a solution?

Get rid of RXVT, and run in a native Win32 console.  If you don't like 
that, check this archived posting:

for tips on making it more presentable, or try console2, from:


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