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RE: [Mingw-msys] Move mingw-msys to forums?

Hy all,

I have this strange problem: I use
   cp --recursive --preserve //smbserver/sharename/directory ./
to copy a new project from another computer in my network onto my computer, and the resulting directory tree has many of the files different from the source directory.

It must be that the line endings are converted, because a text compare will find no differences, only the binary compare will show differences. The problem is it happens even with zip files, and it does not happen with some of the text files. If I copy from the local file system things are ok. I have Windows XP at work and if I use Copy/Paste in Windows Explorer than the resulting copy is ok.

Do you know about this problem. How can I tell cp or any underlaying library to treat all files as binary ?

(sorry I do not know which list (mingw/msys) is appropriate for my question, please reply in the right list)

Thank you,
Timothy Madden
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