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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Apache + mod_perl

Peter Selinger wrote:

> I am not sure if this list is the correct place for bug reports.

This is code from newlib, and the version of newlib that MSYS includes
is extremely old, from 2001-09-07 as far as I can tell.  Maybe at some
point it would be a good idea to import a more fresh copy of newlib into
the tree.

> I found the following code in the floating point library
> newlib/libm/mathfp/sf_isinf.c:
> int isinff (float x)
> {
>   __uint32_t wx;
>   int exp;
>   GET_FLOAT_WORD (wx, x);
>   exp = (wx & 0x7f800000) >> 23;
>   if ((exp == 0x7f8) && !(wx & 0xf0000))
>     return (1);
>   else
>     return (0);
> }

Current newlib has this:

_DEFUN (isinff, (x),
        float x)
        __int32_t ix;
        ix &= 0x7fffffff;
        return FLT_UWORD_IS_INFINITE(ix);

It looks like this change was made when the file was moved from mathfp/
to common/ around 2006-02-26:



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