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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Apache + mod_perl

On Sun, 13 Apr 2008 22:59:26 -0200, Cesar Strauss wrote:
> Peter J. Farley III wrote:
>> So should the msysCORE be installed first and the coreutils
>> snapshot laid over that?  Should the coreutils contents be copied
>> after extracting the archive to the regular msys directories?
> Correct on both accounts.

Thanks for the reply and the confirmation.

>> What about the individual utility sets like findutils and
>> diffutils? Should they be installed over the msysCORE and
>> coreutils snapshot, or instead of one or both of them, or not at
>> all?
> They should be installed over.

Thanks again.

>> And I have similar questions for the DTK utilities.  Should I use
>> autoconf-2.5-2.61 or autoconf-2.1-2.13?  automake-1.9 or automake-
>> 1.10 or automake-3-1?  Should I install gettext-1.16.1-1.bin or
>> gettext-0.16.1-MSYS-1.0.11-1?
> You can safely install all of the above. automake-3-1 is a wrapper
> script which calls autoconf-2.5-2.61 or autoconf-2.1-2.13 as
> appropriate, dependent on the requirements of the particular source
> package you are building. Likewise for automake-3-1.
> As for gettext-1.16.1-1-bin, it provides autopoint, which is
> another autotool you may need. The gettext-0.16.1-MSYS-1.0.11-1, on
> the other hand, is a MSYS build. You can install it as well, other
> MSYS-built tools may depend on it.

I'm a bit confused.  Aren't all the tools in that directory MSYS 
builds?  Or are only the ones marked MSYS truly MSYS builds?

If so, does that mean the *-bin-* builds are for mingw only, and 
therefore should go into the mingw/bin directory, as opposed to the 
msys/bin directory?

> Note that you don't need to install all of the DTK tools, you can
> pick those you really need. You may find, however, that some tools
> have dependencies you need to install as well. A safe bet is to
> install them all.

Yes, that would be a my thought as well.  I like a robust build 
environment that will handle whatever I need to throw at it.

BTW, is there an easier way than the sourceforge DL pages to get all 
those files one by one?  Could I use wget and put together a script to 
just get them all at one go?  If so, what would I use for the url?  Or 
is there an ftp alternative?

Many thanks for your cogent and prompt answers.



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