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[Mingw-msys] tar and symlinks

This has probably been asked before, but how can I set the font
in the MSys window (and what fonts are available)?  I can see in
the msys.bat file that the shell is started with a -fn option,
but I have no idea what is available in the line of fonts, nor
how to specify them.

FWIW: in my _gvimrc, I have the GUI font set to
Lucida_Console:h9:cANSI, which results in the font I want.  I
tried replacing the '-fn Courier-12' with '-fn Lucida_Console-9'
in the .bat; this gave more or less the font I wanted, but with
an extra blank after each character.  I seem to recall having
had similar problems sometime in the past with vim, and I think
that it is the cANSI which does the trick.  But how do I specify
this for MSys?

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