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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Apache + mod_perl

glo wrote:
> Hi there,
> I use gvim portable and set my lovely msys path as gvim's shell.
> When I execute the :shell command, msys will start in C:\Documents and
> Settings\User folder and mount it as ~/
> Any ideas how can I override it?


> PS - I should note that I have not set a HOME environmental variable in
> Windows, and rather keep my msys portable.

gvim Portable is not running in the MSYS environment, so how do you expect it to
know where $HOME is?

In the absence of HOME being set, I suspect gvim is probably defaulting to
%USERPROFILE%, IMO a sensible idea.

If you want gvim to work within MSYS' file structure;ie /home/$USERNAME, you
need to start MSYS first, and then start gvim from within MSYS so that it
inherits the MSYS environment.

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