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Re: [Mingw-msys] Re: Apache + mod_perl

Caleb Cushing wrote:
> On Thursday 03 April 2008 09:42:33 pm Greg Chicares wrote:
>> 'cygwin1.dll' handles the posix emulation, which many *nix apps
>> need. If you want to do without the dll, then you have to do
>> without the posix emulation. Generally, that means rewriting the
>> program to use the msw api instead: e.g., translating fork() to
>> CreateProcess(), which is not always trivial. Some apps build
>> OOTB because they're designed to work on multiple platforms, but
>> that's by no means the universal practice.
> so the only difference is the availability of the autotools?

No autotools can run on both MSYS and Cygwin. I suspect my earlier 
explanation was ambiguous.

The whole autotools suite is a shell script based build system. Shell 
scripts traditionally run on nix platforms do not run natively on 
Windows due to lack of UNIX/POSIX support, think of them as MS-DOS batch 
files on steroids.

The "configure" script will run and test for the host and compiler 
capabilities, in this case MinGW and win32 gcc. It would then disable 
parts of the program source that requires function not found in the host 
system. For MinGW, it means parts of the program that uses fork(), 
ioctl(), pipe() will be disabled since it fails the "configure" test.

The whole point of MSYS (for regular users, as opposed to MSYS 
developers) is to support MinGW. MSYS doesn't do much on its own, it 
will provide the environment to run nix support tools (bash, sed, grep, 
gawk, etc) on. MinGW provides the gcc compiler and w32api which to 
compile and link your code against.

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