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[Mingw-msys] NTFS directory symlinks

> Xu Xiaogang-a19881 wrote:

>     When using MSYS1.0.11 version, I found a problem that MSYS
> recognized /usr as /, so the normal directory /usr/bin is recoginized
> as /usr/usr/bin. Everything in /usr/bin should be added a prefix
> "/usr" to be accessed.
> Does anyone meet the same problem as me? and how to fix this issue?

You haven't given much detail about your configuration.  What is the
install root of MSYS, what is the install root of MinGW, what is the
contents of your /etc/fstab, and what is the output of running the
"mount" command?

The built-in loopback mounting of the MSYS install root to both "/" and
"/usr" is intentional.  It ensures that commands can be referred to as
either /bin/sh or /usr/bin/sh for compatibility with *nix while only
having one actual underlying bin dir, and likewise for /usr/lib and
/lib.  However this is done through the MSYS mount table (i.e. path
translation in the runtime) -- you should not actually have a physical
"usr" directory on disk anywhere.  And paths like /usr/usr/bin/sh should
be inaccessible.


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