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[Mingw-msys] Cross Platform Makefiles

Hi all, 

I post this thread because I recently installed mingw and msys (under
Windows XP) and I can´t compile a simple "hello world" program.

The steps I followed where:

Download MinGW using the installer MinGW-5.1.3.exe and install it in
Download Msys using the installer MSYS-1.0.10.exe and install it in c:/Msys
(at the end of the installation progress I give the path to the minGW
directory (c:/MinGW)). 
Download Msys-DTK using the installes msysDTK-1.0.1.exe and install it
overwriting Msys installed files.

When I tried to compile I got:

$ gcc -o hello hello.c 
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual
Please contact the application's support team for more information. 

But the gcc command is correctly detected:

$ which gcc 

And If I type: $ gcc -v I get:

Reading specs from c:/msys/1.0/mingw/bin/../lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.5/specs 
Configured with: ../gcc-3.4.5/configure --with-gcc --with-gnu-ld
--with-gnu-as --host=mingw32 --target=mingw32 --prefix=/mingw
--enable-threads --disable-nls --enable-languages=c,c++,f77,ada,objc,java
--disable-win32-registry --disable-shared --enable-sjlj-exceptions
--enable-libgcj --disable-java-awt --without-x --enable-java-gc=boehm
--disable-libgcj-debug --enable-interpreter --enable-hash-synchronization
Thread model: win32 
gcc version 3.4.5 (mingw special) 

Anyone has any ideas? One curious thing is that if I try to compile the same
file in the same directory, with the same gcc (I know is the same gcc
because if I remove "c:/msys/1.0/mingw/bin" from the PATH, gcc command is
not recognized) but from the MSDOS shell, the compilation is ok!!!!! why can
I compile perfectly from MS-DOS and not from Msys???

Thank you very much
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