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[Mingw-msys] autotools

Peter Selinger wrote:

> Googling has not helped. I also browsed the CVS repository at
> http://mingw.cvs.sourceforge.net/mingw/, but could not find the
> pertinent sources.

It's there.  The main portion of the DLL is at
Remember that MSYS is a fork of an old version of Cygwin so the
directory layout and most of the files' descriptions will say that
they're part of Cygwin.

> In particular, I would like to see the sources for libmsys-1.0.dll.a.
> More specifically, I would like to know how ioctl() and the termios
> stuff has been implemented.

Err, that's an import library.  There's no code in that.  I think you
mean the sources for msys-1.0.dll.


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