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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Mathijs Romans wrote:

> I think this is because neither python nor cmd recognizes that this
> should be run with sh (starts with #!/bin/sh).

And how should they?  CMD would have no idea what or where /bin/sh is,
let alone what a shebang is.  And python -- I'm assuming you're using
the native Win32 build -- might be able to read shebangs but it
certainly won't have any idea what "/bin/sh" is supposed to mean since
it has no concept of MSYS or where MSYS might be installed or even if
you're using MSYS and not some other set of tools, etc.

I don't think there's any way to fix this that doesn't require modifying
something.  You could try replacing the shebang with the proper Win32
path to the shell (e.g. #!c:/msys/1.0/bin/sh.exe) and see if the Win32
python is smart enough to read it.  You could give the sdl-config script
an extension like .py and then associate .py files with python.exe in
the Windows file association database.  You could add sh explicitly like
you mentioned.  Is SHELL exported to the environment?  There's a chance
that python is choosing to run the command with cmd.exe if SHELL isn't
set, in which case setting it (to a Win32 path to sh.exe? I don't know)
might also work.


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