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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

On Friday 01 February 2008 00:01, JonY wrote:
> The toolchain usually refers to gcc and binutils. About Vista,
> Microsoft changed  how msvcrt.dll reacts to access(), normally in XP
> and 2000, X_OK parameter is ignored, but Vista pukes on it. The MinGW
> gcc is affected by it. The patched version is found at:
> http://dessent.net/tmp/gcc-vista-3.4.5-20060117-1.tar.gz

We need to get those updates on to the official download page.  John E., 
of Twilight Dragon Media has offered to to that for us, but so far it 
hasn't happened yet.

> For your convenience, you should install MinGW before MSYS. When the
> MSYS installer completes, it will ask for the location of MinGW, [and] 
> it will automatically edit the mount table for you.

The installation instructions at 

do say that, although the reference was a bit vague; I've just made it a 
little more explicit, without the unnecessary complication of referring 
to the mount table.

The mount table itself is described in the README files, which accompany 
MSYS; I *strongly* urge new users to read those.


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