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Re: [Mingw-msys] ValGrind and Strace

Bruce Sherwood wrote:
> Thanks, but I have no idea what is meant by "toolchain" nor how I'm 
> supposed to edit some "mount table", so I don't know what it is I'm 
> supposed to do, or what the convenience would be.
> Are you saying that the most recent MinGW doesn't work with Vista? Thet 
> there's some other MinGW I'm supposed to install?
> I realize my questions must sound hopelessly naive, but I have been able 
> to use msys and mingw productively on Windows; it is the installation 
> that is difficult, and the installation instructions aren't adequate (to 
> take an immediate example, how would one know without asking that one 
> must search the archives for "Vista" before doing an install, or change 
> some mount table -- if you see what I mean).
> Bruce Sherwood
> Greg Chicares wrote:
>> On 2008-01-31 19:01Z, Bruce Sherwood wrote:
>>> I've used msys and mingw for several years but wanted to do a clean 
>>> install on a machine I upgraded from XP to Vista. I've been quite 
>>> baffled by ambiguous or incomplete installation instructions with 
>>> respect to installing both msys and mingw. Should I install msys, then 
>>> mingw, or the other way around? I think I've seen both instructions.
>> If you always keep them distinct, then it doesn't matter
>> because neither depends on the other.
>> One optional last step for convenience after you've
>> installed them both is to mount the MinGW toolchain's
>> directory by editing the MSYS mount table.
>> BTW, make sure you get the right MinGW stuff for vista:
>> search the archives for "vista" or "X_OK".


The toolchain usually refers to gcc and binutils. About Vista, Microsoft 
changed  how msvcrt.dll reacts to access(), normally in XP and 2000, 
X_OK parameter is ignored, but Vista pukes on it. The MinGW gcc is 
affected by it. The patched version is found at:


For your convenience, you should install MinGW before MSYS. When the 
MSYS installer completes, it will ask for the location of MinGW, it will 
automatically edit the mount table for you.

The mount table for MSYS, by default is located at 
C:\msys\1.0\etc\fstab. It may contain something like this:

c:/mingw /mingw
c:/java /java
c:/perl /perl
c:/python25 /python

It is fairly forward to understand. C:\MinGW will appear as /mingw in 
MSYS shell.

Hope that helps.

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