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Re: [Mingw-msys] Spurious pathname tranformations applied to /xxx switches

All --

I am using msys to run the same series of
bash wrappers that invoke gawk / sed / grep
scripts as well as bash built-ins to do data
conversions on Linux and Windows machines.

They work VERY well on MSys for the most part.

The only exception is with Windows boxes built
over Pentium 4 CPUs with Hyper threading turned on.

On P4 + HT Machines, I often have errors where my
bash wrapper script receives control before the
preceding gawk or sed script is done !

I suffer from errors where an intermediate file is
either nonexistent or incomplete or in the case of
my shared log files, I receive 'permission denied'

I have also noticed 'shuffled' log entries.

For example:

    bash starts

       bash: echo "bash start" > logfile

       gawk starts

          print "gawk log entry" >> logfile

          fflush logfile

       gawk ends

       bash:  echo "bash end" >> logfile

    bash ends

I have seen at random, unrepeatable instances
where "gawk log entries" FOLLOW "bash end" entries.

I have come to suspect that I need to set Processor
Affinity for my MSys programs.

I am not authorized to disable hyper threading on the

Does anyone have any hints ?

Thanks !

-- kjh

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