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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Keith Marshall wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 January 2008 21:16, Michael Kappert wrote:
>> we have a workaround by manually editing the Makefile.
> That's good; perhaps you could share the solution?

Yes, I'll post this on clisp-devel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> So, the solution I'd like to propose involves *two* environment 
> variables: firstly...
> where `MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM=ON' would correspond to the present 
> behaviour, `MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM=OFF' would disable it globally, and 
> `MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM=AUTO' would activate the mode where a special 
> initial byte sequence would disable it for just the one argument, 
> (causing the initial signature byte sequence to be stripped away, with 
> the remainder of the argument left untouched by any transformation).
> In the event that MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM is not defined, then a default 
> behaviour would be adopted; IMO, that default should be equivalent to 
> The second environment variable would identify the initial byte sequence 
> to be used to signify an argument which is to be exempt from the normal 
> path transformation behaviour, when `MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM=AUTO' is in 
> effect; let's call it...
> where `key' defines that initial signature byte sequence.
> Again, if MSYS_PATH_TRANSFORM_IGNORE is not defined, a default `key' 
> value would be required; this could be the `?:' I suggested previously, 
> or any other suitable default agreed through further discussion on this 
> list.
> A possible variation on the above: it may be possible to achieve similar 
> functionality with just one environment variable, by accepting a syntax 
> such as...
> (I'm not sure, but parsing that may actually be less expensive, than 
> requiring a second environment variable look-up; intuitively, I suspect 
> that this would be the case).
> Any further thoughts?

Hmm. I'm thinking if the escape sequences really make sense.
If a user has to edit his scripts/source code by prefixing strings with
escape chars, couldn't he just as well change the offending paths to
Windows format?
Also, I'd expect the 'AUTO' setting to try to Do The Right Thing,
and ON and/or OFF to be manually fine-tuneable.

Anyway, this doesn't really matter to me; for our purpose your suggestion
sounds perfect!


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