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[Mingw-msys] Torture Rack for msys.dll

At 03:02 PM 1/17/08, you wrote:
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>On 2008-01-17 20:46Z, Brian Antao wrote:
> > Hello,The standard release of MinGW/msys does not contain the
> > filesys/resource.h. I need this file for a compilation. Where
> > in the distributionCan I find it ?Thanks very much in advance.
> >        -- Brian
>The posix header <sys/resource.h> ? MinGW isn't posix: it's gcc
>plus the msw api, and uses an msw C runtime library. The header
>wouldn't help without an implementation of the functions it
>prototypes. Your options include: (1) rewrite the program to
>use msw system calls; (2) try cygwin instead.

there are 3 resource.h files in the 3.6 POVray source (windows).
here: http://www.povray.org/download/
This is painting a blurry picture for me why I needed MinGW to build 
POV and why Msys was the wrong choice and didn't work (here on win98SE)

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