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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Keith Marshall wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-01-11 at 18:11 +0100, Michael Kappert wrote:

Thanks for taking the time, and sorry for the late reply!

> My preferred solution would be to drop the automagic conversion
>> completely as it doesn't seem to work at all.
> Oh, but it does! 

Ok - I was probably a little too quick off the mark.

> Earnie was the MSYS maintainer, and he proposed some possible features
> that might help to alleviate the problem:--
> 1) Create an environment variable, which could be set to particular
> values, to control the behaviour of the transformation; that would allow
> you to disable the transformation, as you suggest.
> 2) Prefix some specific signature to the argument string itself, which
> MSYS would remove, recognising it as an instruction to leave the string
> otherwise unmodified.
> Of these two, I personally prefer the second, 

... and we prefer the first, I think.
CLISP runs on large number of system. Our main concern here is to
keep the complexity of ./configure down to a minimum. With option 1),
we would probably just add a hint for building with mingw to the README
(even though I hear there are people who don't read READMEs - boo.)

With the second option, we're forced to further spcecial-case configure for
mingw. The prefix would need to go into a string containing
a pure lisp expression, without a good reason obvious to the average
lisp or mingw user.

> However, look what happens, if you make a very small
> alteration to that string:--
>    $ ./test "?:(../src) (foo::bar)"
>    test: ?:(../src) (foo::bar)
>    ======^^===^=========^^====
> Close to what you want, but not quite there.

Ok! Following your example I found a way to modify the lisp expr
such that it's still valid but does not get replaced. So at least
we have a workaround by manually editing the Makefile.

> Additionally, while I've suggested `?:' as the signature tag, the user
> population should be given an opportunity to discuss that, and to agree
> on any final preferred sequence.

CLISP's vote goes to the environment variable solution (or implement both :^))
  - but unfortunately I can't offer any help. Nevertheless I hope it will still
be possible to build clisp OOTB on mingw in the future...


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