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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?


the conversion of posix to windows paths by MSYS
doesn't seem to work as advertised in the MSYS readme.
This currently prevents CLISP from being build on mingw.

Currently, msys 1.0.11 behaves as follows:

$ ./test "../src b:c"
argv[1]: ../src b:c

$ ./test "../src b::c"
argv[1]: ..\src b;c

$ ./test "..//src b::c"
argv[1]: ..\\src b;c

The second case causes trouble.
Lisp uses double colons as package markers. Neither the slash
nor the colons can easily be dropped. Escaping the slash does
not seem to work.

I already asked about this on mingw-users
but I think it's more properly handled here. Thanks to Dave and
Earnie for their help so far.

My preferred solution would be to drop the automagic conversion
completely as it doesn't seem to work at all. But maybe that's
not feasible for reasons I don't see? Comments?


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