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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?


I am user of msys and mingw software since several years back. I have
always wondered, but never asked, why are msys developers trying to
mirror so many gnu packages
when they already are available either as already windows compilable or
as parts of other ports. For ex. what is need for distributing special
version of msys make utility
when original gnu make already has support for win32 compiling, and
there is also port in gnuwin32 project? Or for example bzip2 or
binutils, or flex, or ... etc? Isn't it 
just duplicating work? This is not ment as a critique, I am just curious
and never really understood why is there need for such duplicating work?

I am also curious, isn't it possible to make windows distro of gcc
binary compatible with M$ compiler, so that one can use their own
platform sdk with gcc, rather then 
needing to maintain mingw win32-api library. I understand that gcc has
different name-mangling scheme and that m$ uses some language extensions
not defined by ansi or gnu,
but as I understand gcc already can parse a lot of those extensions. Def
files used by gcc also differs from .def files used by m$ compiler. Are
there some really big 
technical obstacles to make gcc compatible with m$? It would be very
nice to skip writing IF-Defs and thinking of what are differences and
incompatiblities, and it would
be even more nicer to be able to compile code written for m$ compiler
straightforward ... Plz, understand that I am not "bashing" or anyhow
dissing mingw, I am used mingw for
years, and think it is a great piece of software. I would just like to
see it better and a bit easier to use. 

I would also like to help with those things I am talking about, but I am
affraid that I don't know how to contribute or even where to start
digging if I would like to 
help in development. Gcc code is a loooot of code, and it would be nice
to see some tutorial or "get started" page where someone helps one to
compile tarball and start experimenting
with the code.

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