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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Hello all,

 I made several searches in the archives but I failed to find an appropriate answer to my problem.
 I apologize in advance if the issue has been already discussed and clarified on this list.

 My problem is the porting on Windows of some applications written in C++ which run fairly well
under linux.
 The current application I'm coping with has a standard compile line under linux:

 g++ -o3 -lm MyFile1.cpp MyFile2.cpp ... MyFileN.cpp -o app appMain.cpp

 For building the same app under Windows (XP with SP2), I installed two shell environments: MSYS 
with MinGW and Cygwin. The compilation process occurs successfully under both shells with a pretty
similar command line (with increased stacksize add-on linker option), but running the resulting exe
succeeds only in the Cygwin shell, while in the MSYS shell, the execution crashes at some point in
the middle. After placing intermediate outputs, it turned out that crashing occurs when a <vector>
push_back() is called. 
 Moreover, running the two executables in the DOS shell (which is the targeted modality to run the
app) produces the same delusional result (that is: both executables crash under DOS at the same 
execution point). There is no additional error message, the application just exits.
 On another hand, a sample code calling the push_back() method in a standalone application runs
well if compiled under Cygwin or MSYS, if called in the unix-like shell or the DOS command shell.
 I suppose the problem should be still related with runtime access to required libraries, but I'm
not familiar with Windows specific issues. I would like to have some suggestions about how to act:
if there is something I have to add in the compilation line, in the Windows PATH variable, or 
elsewhere; if it would be better to copy some file(s) in executable's directory, or anything else.

 Thank you for your time.


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