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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

On Wednesday 05 December 2007 02:04, Cesar Strauss wrote:
> I can't see anything obviously wrong with your setup, other than rxvt
> doesn't work...

RXVT has been a `Right Royal Pain in the Posterior', for as long as I 
can remember.

The last time the issue was raised, the consensus on this list, and/or 
on MinGW-Users, was that it should no longer be the default console for 
MSYS; I think we need to make it happen, so MSYS-1.0.11 will deliver in 
accord with this consensus.

FWIW, I've recently been playing with Console2, as recently recommended 
by Brian Dessent.  I was disappointed by this, when I first looked at 
it about a year ago, but it now appears to be progressing nicely.  I 
was tempted to suggest bundling it as a preconfigured MSYS console, but 
am hesitant to do so, because:--

1) It is, (apparently), suitable for use only on WoeNT derived OS
   hosts, thus excluding those who still use Woe9x.

2) Although ostensibly GPL, it isn't a truly open project, since its
   lead developer insists on supporting only Microsnot's Visual Studio
   as the build environment.

3) Perhaps as a consequence of (2), it has dependencies on two DLLs
   which are not distributed as OS components, but are available in
   the VS redistributable kit from Microsnot's download site.  (The
   developer actually includes these two DLLs in his source package,
   obviously as binaries only, which may constitute a GPL violation).

Would anyone be interested in adapting Console2's techniques into a 
truly Open Source application, for distribution with some future 
version of MSYS?  (I'd consider it myself, but I have other priorities 
at the moment, and I don't want to spread my efforts too thinly).


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