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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Thom DeCarlo wrote:
> I've been away from MinGW/Msys for a while, but have a reason to use it
> again. Unfortunately, the requirement is to run the applications without
> the whole bash shell stuff. The customer wants to use just a few
> commands (tar, gzip, sleep, rsh, and a few others) from a Windoze
> command terminal. For example, the tar program will be executed from
> within a *.bat file. 
> Is this possible? I've tried copying tar.exe and msys-1.dll to an
> otherwise empty folder and ran "tar --help" and got nothing. I also
> cd'ed to c:\msys\1.0\bin and tried the same thing with the same result.
> Hopefully, it is just that I need to add something to my Windoze $path.

Then GnuWin32 utilities (and other ports) might be more appropriate.
They don't usually need to be placed in specific directories, etc.
Be aware, that they may have cut some corners that break less common uses.
(Someone else might know better.)
I would also prefer ssh over rsh - for better availability, if nothing else.
No-one really uses rsh anymore.

That said, if you install MSys normally and add bin/ in (native) path,
you should be able to use MSys utilities in cmd (or command.com).
Also, if you only need some utilities, you can probably remove quite
a lot of stuff from the tree.

Do remember all the licensing restrictions. Things would be
somewhat different if this was for company internal use, but you did
mention a customer, so you are probably distributing the utilities.


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