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Re: [Mingw-msys] forking issue on Windows XP?

Keith Marshall :
> On Monday 19 November 2007 14:32, Bo Yang wrote:
>> Could you please tell me where can I find make 3.80 for Msys
> We never produced a make-3.80, built as an MSYS app; nor will we now 
> expend effort on producing any such version, since make-3.81 is already 
> in circulation, and has been for some months.
> Why do you need make-3.80?  You should use make-3.81, (and if you are 
> building a package which will not build with make-3.81, then why would 
> you expect it to build with make-3.80)?  If your build system requires 
> make == 3.80, rather than make >= 3.80, then your build system is 
> broken; you should fix it, instead of looking for a buggy and obsolete 
> version of make.
Thank you very much for you detailed explanation, I will give up the 
make 3.80 try and try to fix the build bugs for make 3.81. Thanks very much!


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