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Re: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

> I'm still interested in which kind of developer is dominant:
> - people who always work within the MSYS environment
> - people who do their builds and then leave the MSYS environment
> It would be nice to get more views on that from more MSYS developers.

I would probably want the default prefix to be: /usr/local and follow
the standard UNIX directory structure: bin, lib, include ...

I think that most of the people that will be making use of the
makefiles generated by CMake in a MSYS/MinGW environment will
generally be devs that are used to things going to /usr/local by
default. No need to change what we expect. My understanding of CMake
is that it attempts to use native tools for an environment and make
things more like what is already expected for that environment...

When creating software to distribute to your average windows user. I
may use MSYS/MinGW to build it or i may use MSVC but they should not
know or care about this. At that point I will create an installer that
installs to Program Files. At the time of creating the binaries for
this installer i will set the prefix as necessary or possibly the
bindir, libdir etc so that i don't get the UNIX like directory
structure. In essence my usual usage is to follow a UNIX like
framework with stuff installed in /usr/local and when i make stuff for
end users they will get something that looks like every other bit of
windows software where /usr/local makes no sense and which usually
involves more procedure than is provided by the usual ./configure &&
make && make install

So my feel is that installing by default to program files is going to
cause me to have to override this prefix the majority of the time (For
personal use and development). Only the once off time of creating a
binary distribution of my own software for non-dev users will i make
use of the program files directory as a default.

To summarize i am of the group of people: "who always work within the
MSYS environment" but will occasionally want to create software for
people who do not work within the MSYS environment. The common
scenario i think of users for CMake in MSYS will be devs and so
following the existing method used by autotools of default installing
to /usr/local makes most sense to me.

Hope that is helpful,

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