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[Mingw-msys] Ascertaining whether MSYS is installed?

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 09:31 -0300, Gonzalo Garramuño wrote:
> Bob Paddock wrote:
> > XP, and presumably Vista, do have symbolic links, they are called  
> > 'Junctions Points'.

More accurately, IIRC, Microsnot refer to them as "reparse points".

> Nope.  Not the same.

Right, they are nothing like the same thing.  However...

> Files are linked as hard links and the link cannot cross volumes.

As Brian has already pointed out, reparse points have nothing whatever
to do with files; they are allowed for *directories* only, and then only
when specified by absolute path name.  As such, they are more like *nix
loop-back mounts, than symbolic links.

Yes, files may be linked by *hard* links, (on NTFS, but not on FAT).
Again, as you say here, and Brian has further qualified, hard links
exhibit very different properties from symbolic links.

> True symbolic links do not do the former and can do the later.
> Vista DOES add *REAL* symbolic links ...

Nope.  Not according to what I've read about the Vista implementation.

> thou (it only took Microsoft 15+ years!),

And they *still* haven't managed to get it right!  Do note that this is
based entirely on hearsay, but you even allude here, to what is wrong
with their implementation...

> but mingw/cygwin would then need to link a newer microsoft runtime
> than the one being used now.

Huh?  What's this about linking to *any* version of a runtime?  A *real*
symbolic link capability has to be implemented right at the core of the
file system code, at the lowest level where any system call performs a
directory look-up.  This has to be implemented within the kernel code
itself.  If it relies on any runtime module, then it's broken.  Once
again, Microsnot have shown us that they just don't know how to do
operating systems.


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