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Re: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

I'm not sure where I got the impression that MSYS was about Windows
native development.  Can't find any references for that.  I can
definitely find references for MSYS' role as a build tool however.

On 10/25/07, Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 09:31 -0400, Brandon Van Every wrote:
> > A Windows native developer views MSYS as a throwaway.  Once you've
> > accomplished your build, you're not going to use MSYS at all.
> Why?  MSYS isn't a build tool; it is a cmd.exe replacement.

The MinGW homepage says otherwise.  http://mingw.org/  "MSYS: A
Minimal SYStem to provide POSIX/Bourne configure scripts the ability
to execute and create a Makefile used by make."  Build configuration
is stated to be its raison d'etre.  http://mingw.org/msys.shtml says
the same thing.  "MSYS was created out of a long-lived desire to
provide the MinGW community a Minimal SYStem, with which a configure
script could be executed."  http://mingw.org/mingwfaq.shtml#faq-msys
says, "MSYS or Minimal SYStem is a POSIX and Bourne shell environment
use with MinGW. It provides a hand picked set of tools to allow a
typical configuration script with Bourne syntax to execute. This
allows most of the GNU packages to create a Makefile just from
executing the typical configure script which can then be used to build
the package using the native MinGW version of GCC."
C:\msys\1.0\doc\msys\MSYS_MISSION says, "The mission or goal of MSYS
is to provide a minimal POSIX environment for configuring and building
MinGW ports and code."

A preference for working with Bourne shells on a daily basis instead
of cmd.exe shells, or Posixy file system conventions over Windows
native file system conventions, is not stated as the primary reason
for MSYS' existence.  It's about porting the builds.

A POSIXy developer runs all his tools from MSYS, builds everything in
MSYS, and uses the build products from within MSYS.

A Windows native developer does a build in MSYS, installs to
%ProgramFiles%, then forgets about MSYS.  Mission accomplished.  Such
a developer is only interested in the products of the build, not the
Posixy environment needed to build them.  For instance, a library such
as SDL.  He's probably grabbing an open source library that isn't
prepackaged.  It's just a dependency to fulfill, not something he
actually wants to deal with.

Which kind of user is dominant?

Brandon Van Every

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