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Re: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 09:31 -0400, Brandon Van Every wrote:
> Right, the question is whether people are meant to install "under
> MSYS" or *outside of* MSYS.

Wrong.  The question is how do you want to use MSYS?  If you are using
it as a cmd.exe replacement, which is its intended purpose, and you are
developing a *native* CLI tool, you *should* be installing it in the
directory mapped to either /usr/local or /mingw.

> A Windows native developer views MSYS as a throwaway.  Once you've
> accomplished your build, you're not going to use MSYS at all.

Why?  MSYS isn't a build tool; it is a cmd.exe replacement.  If you
prefer it to cmd.exe, you use it; if you prefer cmd.exe, you use that,
and you don't need MSYS at all.  However, you then have a much bigger
hill to climb, if the build system for your package needs to execute
Bourne shell scripts, because you then have to replace a significant
chunk of the build system.
> > For cmake to know msys mountpoints, there are now 4 proposed
> approaches:
> >     - link against a msys library.  This is Bill's preferred
> approach.
> The idea being that if you're plopping stuff into /usr/local, you're
> trying to create MSYS native build tools.

What sort of oxymoron is this?  An application is either a native Woe32
application, or its an MSYS application; it cannot be both at once.  If
its a native application, you put it in /usr/local; if its an MSYS
application, it must go in /bin.

> i.e. You're not doing Windows native development at all, you're doing
> things that will work *only* within MSYS.

Wrong again.  If it's in /usr/local, it must be a native application; if
it's a native application, it will run just as well from cmd.exe, as it
will from MSYS.  My own setup has MSYS in D:\usr\MSYS-1.0.11, and it
maps as a user defined mount point for D:\usr\local, on /usr/local; note
that this is *outside* the MSYS installation tree.  All the programs in
this directory are accessible from MSYS; if I choose to use it, and I
add D:\usr\local\bin to a cmd.exe PATH, they also work just as well from


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