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Re: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

Gonzalo Garramuño wrote:

> P.S.  I apologize for this having been brought to MSYS, as I'm not 
> entirely sure this thread belongs here, other than learning how to 
> better integrate MSYS (which we did, I think).

It has gotten off topic.  Discussions about what cmake/cpack can or can 
not do do not belong on this list.  Sorry for that msys folks... 
However, I still don't have a clear picture of what the msys developers 
would recommend.  So far we have gotten two opposite opinions from msys 

Greg Chicares wrote:
 > I'd suggest that CMake not do extra work to support a default
 > that's likely to be overridden, especially because the most
 > common idiom for overriding it isn't universally optimal.

Keith Marshall wrote:
 > IMO, the choice is not yours to make; you should support whatever each
 > project maintainer wants for his own package defaults.  I have never
 > used Cmake, (and I will never even consider it, if it forces me to
 > deliver packages which install to "Program Files" by default).  You

So, unless there are any more opinions on what the default install path 
for msys should be for CMake from someone other than myself, Brandon, or 
Gonzalo, I suppose we should end the thread on the msys list.

Thanks for the help.


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