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RE: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

Keith Marshall wrote:

>>> That seems a rather draconian restriction; the installation directory
>>> can be anywhere the user wants it to be, and the standard supported by
>>> MSYS is that each source package sets its own default.
>> What restriction?  He said "the default" install location is
>> %ProgramFiles%.  It is easy for the end user to specify something
>> else.  It isn't difficult for the project to specify something else.
> Well, that isn't the impression I obtained, when I read through the
> thread on the Cmake list; however, since I don't use Cmake, I'll take
> your word for it.

Just to be clear it is easy for both developers to change what the 
default is for a package, and for end users to change the default if 
they are building a package.  The only questions here, is what should 
the default be for CMake when creating makefiles for msys.

My feeling from reading the web pages of msys leads me to think that the 
msys developers do not want msys to be something like cygwin where you 
build a bunch of posix applications that run out of msys directories. 
They want msys to be the minimal set of tools to allow the use of the 
GNU tool chain.  However, it would seem that many projects that use msys 
are using /usr/local as an install root.  Those projects are essentially 
extending the msys environment.  With cygwin the answer is clear, 
applications should behave just like they do on linux (i.e. use 
/usr/local as the install root).  Those applications will also 
understand POSIX paths and mount points because they link to the cygwin 
runtime.  With MSYS, it is not so clear.

Let's say someone was going to write a makefile to compile a program 
with msys not using autotools, what would be the recommended location 
for the install prefix?


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