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RE: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

  This thread brought up the topic of Filesystem Hierarchy 

  It is not just Windows that puts different programs in their
  own directory -- Unix supports such a distribution under 
  /opt.  And GoboLinux, a type of Linux, uses /Programs/
  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GoboLinux  And supposedly
  Mac OS X uses /Library and /Applications

  Part of the solution to the PATH prolifiration might be to
  add symlinks to a bin directory in the PATH (however, doubt 
  if this will work on Windows).

  And, I believe, applications that live under "/opt" type
  locations know how to find what they need (such as configuration
  files) based on paths relative to where their executable is.   


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