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[Mingw-msys] Re: termcap

Hi list,

in case you do not know, Git is a distributed source code management 
system (see http://git.or.cz/ for more information).

As a few of you might be aware, the Git community heavily relies on MSys 
for the native Windows implementation.

The port to Windows is called msysGit for now, and has its own homepage, 

Git needs MSys, because a few core parts are written as shell and perl 
scripts.  Most of them are gradually converted to builtins (C functions), 
but a few bigger components, notably our CVS and SVN adapters, are too 
large to convert, and will always rely on MSys' perl.

We created a Git repository containing the development environment.  IOW 
all we need of MSys is stored in one big Git tracked directory.  As a 
so called submodule (sort of svn:external), we have our own fork of 
official Git, and are in the process of pushing patches back to the 
official Git repository.


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