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RE: FW: [Mingw-msys] How do I recreate the MSYS distribution?

Hi Msys users,

I am a developer of CMake www.cmake.org.   CMake is a build tool that 
works sort of like autotools, but does not require a shell.  CMake has 
support for MSYS and MinGW.  There have been several discussions on the 
CMake mailing list in the past, and there is one now about the correct 
default install location for CMake to use on MSYS.

My original position was that msys is not cygwin, and that projects that 
are built in the msys environment should not extend msys.  So, the 
default install location for CMake on msys is currently the "program 
files" directory as it is for the microsoft and borland compilers. 
Basically, assume that applications that are being built are native 
windows applications, and they are to be installed where other native 
windows stuff is installed.

However, there have been some requests that CMake use /usr/local as a 
default install location on msys.  I have some issues with this, as 
CMake will have to figure out where /usr/local really is on the windows 
file system, but that can be done.   CMake is a native windows 
application and does not link to the msys run time, so to figure out 
where /usr/local is it would have to parse the fstab.  The big question 
is should it be done?  The strongest argument for using /usr/local as 
the install location, is that autotools based projects use /usr/local as 
the default install location.

I would much appreciate the view point of an msys developer.



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