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Re: [Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] Bison for MSYS

Keith Marshall <keithmarshall@...> writes:

> the solution is to avoid having other directories or files with the same
> `foo' base name, in the `bin' directory where you install `foo.exe'.

The problem program is MPlayer. On Linux, it creates ~/.mplayer to store
configuration files, but on Windows it creates mplayer/ in the directory that
contains mplayer.exe. I don't know why it does not create .mplayer. Maybe that
name is not legal in Windows 9x, for example. Perhaps they did not use
%USERPROFILE% for similar reasons.

It is a small nuisance that I have been living with for years. I only run it
from within MSYS to test it after building. The problem does not occur in CMD.

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