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Re: [Mingw-msys] [mingw - MSYS] Bison for MSYS

Hi all
  The CVS 1.11.22 from the MSYS snapshot section downloads a lot of
non existent files from a cvs server (which are actually in different
directories). The specific warning is 'cvs checkout: warning: server
is not creating directories one at a time' .I just wanted to report
this as this hasn't been mentioned by anyone else. The server in
question is mozilla CVS server which I am using to pull out the
FireFox source. This bug has been confirmed by a couple of people at
the FireFox IRC channel too. The old cvs works for now but I do get a
lot of 'broken pipe signal' messages and disconnections.
  I tried building 1.12.13a myself but it relies on a lot of POSIX
files which need to be ported or the functions need to be changed but
unfortunately with my limited knowledge I am unable to do so.

Any help in this regards would be appreciated

for server address etc

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