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I contacted you the other day about forumroller.com, but you did not indicate interest in it.  If you are interested in the domain, you can take priority position to acquire it here: http://expertventure.net/7a0f3a373da649d2
Also, I have received a number of questions from my morning email about domain purchases.  So, I thought I would take a moment to answer the most common questions:
1.  I don't want to rebrand everything - Not to worry, you do not have to rebrand at all. After you buy the domain, my system can automatically link forumroller.com to your website (forum-roller.com for example).  You will be up and running with the new domain almost immediately.
2. I used to own this domain and lost it!   - If you owned the domain previously, we will work with you.  Our company has special policies and discounts for domains accidentally lost by previous owners. Previous domain owners have priority to acquire the domain.  
3. How much does the domain cost?   - We accept all reasonable offers on domains and we sell the domain first-come, first-serve to the first reasonable offer.
You can submit your offer on forumroller.com here: forumroller.com.
Best regards,
Arthur Simmons
InTrust Domains
PO Box 88049
Colorado Springs, CO  80908

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