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Lly love Guy, then my present attentions can only be a source of unhappiness to her; if she do not, is there any prospect that from the bare fact of my attachment, so proud a family as the Callonbys will suffer their daughter to make a mere "marriage d'inclination?" There was but one answer to this question, and I had at last the courage to make it: and yet
the Callonbys had marked me out for their attentions, and had gone unusually out of their
way to inflict injury upon me, if all were meant to end in nothing.
If I only could bring myself to think that this was a systematic game adopted by them, to lead to the subsequent
arrangement with my cousin!--if I could but satisfy my doubts on this head----What threats of vengeance I muttered,

I cannot remember, for I was summoned
at that critical moment to attend the party to the palace. The state of excitement I was in, was

an ill preparative for the rigid etiquette of a court dinner. All passed

off, however, happily, and the king,

by a most good-natured allusion
to the blunder of the night before, set me perfectly at ease on that head. I was placed next to Lady Jane at dinner; and half from wounded pride, half from the momentarily increasing

that all was lost, chatted away gaily, without
any evidence of a stronger feeling than the mere vicinity of
a pretty person is sure to inspire. What success this

game was attended with I know not; but the suffering it cost me, I shall never cease
to remember. One satisfaction I certainly did experience --she was manifestly piqued, a nd several times turned towards the person
on the other side of her, to avoid the tone of indifference in which I discussed matters

that were actual